Door Decor

Show your door some love...

Door decor has become an increasingly popular "must have" addition to define the changing of the seasons.

Each and every one of my door decorations are hand made, making your order truly unique.

Every wreath will feature seasonal touches in the design style of your choice and are perfectly suited for this time of year.

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Petals in the paddock door wreaths...

Add a little colour and style to your home with a Petals in the Paddock door wreath.

Get creative and design your own door decorations at one of my seasonal wreath making workshops or simply choose one of my made to order options. Every element of your wreath will be 100% home compostable.

My door decorations can be delivered locally on one of my delivery days, or collected from the Petals in the Paddock workshop. Collections dates are agreed following your purchase and same day collections can be arranged when possible.

If you need help give me a call on 07837 557610 or send me a quick email and I'll do my best to accommodate your requirements.

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